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Twilight: Eclipse

I saw The Twilight Saga: Eclipse today.  I’m not going to write a formal review, since there are plenty of those online already.  This will just be my very personal opinion with random observations.  It seems silly to warn anybody about plot spoilers, so perhaps it’s more accurate to say this contains movie spoilers. 

I’d better state where I’m coming from first.  I read the Twilight trilogy after the first three books came out, before any movies were made, and before Breaking Dawn was released.  I am not a Twilight Mom, because I have no kids.  I’m certainly no teenager, either!  And I’m not a Twi-hard.  I guess you could say I’m a Twi-feather-light (or how about a Twi-light-weight?).   I certainly caught the addiction while reading the first book, but I didn’t love the sequels and I pretty much hate Breaking Dawn.  I didn’t like the first movie, except for Bella’s dad and Jacob.  I tolerated the second movie because of Jacob, especially with all those shirtless scenes.  (Yeah, I’m old but I’m still breathing.)

How do I explain my attraction to Twilight?  I tell everyone who’ll listen, especially those who are seriously considering reading the books for the first time out of curiosity, that the first books is a drug.  It’s a potent drug that causes an endorphin rush in your brain, the one you get when you’re falling in love.  I don’t know how or why exactly the book works so well, since it’s not particularly well written.  All I can say is that it works, and it keeps on working.  The endorphin rush will happen again when you re-read the book.  I think it’s a real shame that it is so effective, because so many fans keep re-reading it, when there are so many other good books to read.  The endorphin rush doesn’t happen when you read the sequels, but you read them anyway hoping for another fix.

Eclipse left me more satisfied than the first two movies, but I didn’t love it.  I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t like Robert Pattinson, and I really like Taylor Lautner.  When I read the books, I was on Team Edward.  When I watch the movies, I’m on Team Jacob.  It’s just too damn confusing. 

Okay, so here’s some random impressions:

I thought the engagement ring was ugly.  My friend thought the ring looked like a vampire’s sparkling skin, which is the best excuse I’ve heard for such a strange design.

I was surprised by how much I liked the young actor playing Riley, Xavier Samuel.  I will be adding him to my “watch list.”

Daddy Swan was delightful again.  Loved him.

My favorite line was from Jacob to Edward: “…I’m hotter than you.”

I cracked up when they showed the Cullens at the beginning of the climactic battle scene, all standing in a row frozen, looking exactly like action figure dolls.  Talk about a shameless merchandising ploy!

All the stuff about Sam the wolf’s love triangle was odd and underdeveloped.  I recognized that it was being used as a parallel to the main love triangle and setting things up for Breaking Dawn with the imprinting business, but it was unsatisfying.

I feel sooo sorry for Elizabeth Reaser.  She’s waited through three movies to do something, and she had one line.  She’s a really good actress who could have been doing much more interesting work instead of standing around as a background extra in these films.

I love Dakota Fanning.  I don’t understand why during her crucial scenes in the clearing after the battle, she’s got a bright white light behind her when everybody else just has trees. 

So, now we wait until November 2011 for part one of Breaking Dawn, which I may just have to skip.  This whole business of splitting movies into two parts is ridiculous.  (Imagine if they’d done that with the Lord of the Rings trilogy.)  We don’t mind a longer movie, and we all know it’s just about making more money at the box office.



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Really Random Stuff

It’s in the news this week that Isabella and Jacob are now the most popular baby names in America.  These are the names of two of the main characters in the Twilight series.  This makes one thing clear.  Too many teens are having babies.

People who keep getting better with age:  Betty White.  Tom Selleck.  Robert Downey Jr. 

Friday Night Lights is back.  It’s one of the best dramas on TV today.  I only this week managed to get NBC on my antenna TV.  I watched all the previous seasons on DVD.  The only thing I find difficult about watching the show is the shaky hand-held camera.  It makes me a little dizzy.  It’s a small price to pay to see Coach Eric Taylor’s brilliant relationship with his wife, conversations between Landry and Saracen, and shots of Tim Riggins shirtless.   I’m carefully watching the changes in JD, who was quite sympathetic last season as the new star quarterback of the West Dillon Panthers.  This season he’s arrogant and unpleasant.  I hope he doesn’t become just another boring bad guy.

KTEH is showing the documentary series Islands of Britain, hosted by Martin Clunes.  It’s excellent and worth searching for in the TV listings.  It’s not being shown at the same time every week, except perhaps on Sundays at 5pm.


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Silly Toys and Elephants

I really like Taylor Lautner.  He was the only thing that saved Twilight from being a total waste of my time.  If he hadn’t been cast as the beefier Jacob in New Moon I would have skipped it altogether.  It’s nice to see that his star is on the rise, but I have one important question.  Is there really anyone on the planet who wants to see a movie about Stretch Armstrong?   It seems like the biggest waste of money, time and talent since….oh, I don’t know, Speed Racer?  No, at least Speed Racer sounded kind of interesting before it was released.  

In other casting news, I’m rather disgusted by Robert Pattinson getting the lead in Water for Elephants.  I don’t have any respect for his acting skills, and I simply find him creepy.  The young man in Water for Elephants is a depression-era veterinary student who’s the son of Polish immigrants.  Pattinson mumbles his way through the Twilight movies, so I cringe to think what he’ll do with this accent.  The only thing that will save this casting nightmare will be if Peter Dinklage plays the dwarf.  He’s too old for the part as written in the book, but that’s not important.  I would watch Peter Dinklage read the phone book.  I became a fan watching The Station Agent, which is such a lovely film.

Peter Dinklage in The Station Agent


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