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A Sci-Fi Goof

I was watching hulu.com last night, when an ad for Battlestar Galactica interrupted my program.   I usually don’t pay attention during ad breaks, but this graphic in the middle of the trailer jumped out at me.  Maybe the spell checker was replaced by an evil Cylon?!

Hulu ad for Battlestar Galactica



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A Menu Goof

Menus are great for finding amusing typos.  Here’s a new favorite, from a Burmese/Thai restaurant.

Thai restaurant menu

(click to read sharper version)

(Darn it, now I’m hungry!)


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A Computer Graphics Goof

I’ve been watching MI-5 this weekend (Spooks in the UK) and this show about spies uses a lot of closeups of computer screens.  Agents and analysts will be looking at feeds and data and maps and downloads, and all these computer graphics have to be made for the TV show.  By people.  And people aren’t perfect.  Check out the spelling in this one from Season 9, episode 6:

Computer screen from Spooks

Oh, well.  Computer geeks aren’t supposed to be good at spelling, but at least they know how to use a spellcheck program!

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A Subtitle Goof

It amuses me when a typo changes the meaning of what’s being said.  Here’s one of my favorites.  It’s from Main Hoon Na, Shah Rukh Khan’s 2004 film about a guy trying to UNITE his family.

subtitle from Main Hoon Na with Shah Rukh Khan

Oh, well!  At least it’s much easier to tear a family apart than to put one back together.


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