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Portraits of Barbara Stanwyck

I recently watched the PBS documentary Pioneers of Television: Westerns, and I was struck by what Linda Evans said about Barbara Stanwyck, her co-star on The Big Valley.  I didn’t know she was one of the nicest people in Hollywood, taking the time to get to know all the crew members and really enjoying herself on set.  This led me to check out the book Starring Miss Barbara Stanwyck by Ella Smith from my local library.  I haven’t read much of the text, because the portraits in the book are too wonderful.  This book is now out of print, but here are some of those images, with more to come.  Perhaps it’s a cheat, to fill my blog pages, but what a great way to cheat!

With Joel McCrea in Internes Can’t Take Money

Columbia general publicity 1930

Stella Dallas

Breakfast for Two



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Birthday Treats

Today is my birthday.  It’s been my tradition to post old photos for family birthdays.  Here’s my first, where I’m looking as excited as I feel now about getting older:

my first birthday

My First Birthday

This was the only thing I was going to post, but my wonderful friend (and guest blogger) Katydid sent me a special “handmade” card.  She knows me far too well!  I had to share:

Katydid's birthday surprise

Ian Tracey with muscles (L) and favorites clockwise from top: Jonathan Jackson, Hadley Fraser, Matthew Gray Gubler, Ramin Karimloo and James McAvoy


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