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Les Mis: The Streets of Paris

Here we go again—more screencaps from the Les Misérables concert!  This is one of my favorite sequences.  So many new characters are introduced, revolution is stirring, and it all happens so fast.

Robert Madge as Gavroche, Les Miserables

We live on crumbs of humble piety, tough on the teeth but what the hell!

Prostitutes and Pimp, Les Miserables

When we gonna live? Something's gotta happen...something's gotta give!

Nick Jonas and Ramin Karimloo, Marius and Enjolras, Les Miserables

With all the anger in the land, how long before the Judgment Day?

Samantha Barks as Eponinie, Les Miserables

That's Eponine, she knows her way about...

Nick Jonas, Samantha Barks, Katie Hall, Les Miserables

I didn't see you there, forgive me.

Alfie Boe, Valjean and Gang, Les Miserables

What is this? Are you mad?

Javert Valjean Cosette: Norm Lewis, Alfie Boe, Katie Hall, Les Miserables

Another brawl in the square! Another stink in the air!

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