Birthday Beefcake

Yet another April birthday!  No, not Taylor Kitsch’s.  His birthday was April 8th.  Today is a very special birthday for my friend, so Taylor Kitsch is my birthday present to her.  I’m sure she’d rather have the real thing, but this is the best I can manage!

Taylor Kitsch collage

Taylor Kitsch (click to see full-size)



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3 responses to “Birthday Beefcake

  1. Your friend is fortunate but then, so am I! Taylor and I share the same birthday … sadly, while he’s a wee one I turned 65 … am considering adoption!

    • Well, happy belated birthday to you, then! I would have made you a collage if I’d known. Let’s see, a little Richard Boone, with a dash of Sal Mineo, and a pinch of James Garner? Who else?

  2. Katelyn

    Texas Forever!

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