Seventies Gold

I’ve been watching the first season of Emergency! on, the television drama that aired from 1972-1978.  I grew up watching this show on Saturday nights, but all I really remembered was the paramedics acting goofy when off-duty.  I’d forgotten how compelling the rescue stories are, so I’m having a good time revisiting this series.

It’s amusing (and painful) seeing the horrible seventies clothing, hair and decor once again.  I’m especially impressed by Nurse Dixie’s apartment, shown here in season 1, episode 5: Dealer’s Wild.  My father loved the color gold, so I had to endure a lot of it growing up.  Nothing like this, though!  Check out the great outfits, too.  Ah, the seventies.  Fun to visit, but I’d never want to go back…

Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett) and Julie London (Nurse Dixie) on Emergency! 1972

Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett) and Julie London (Nurse Dixie) on Emergency! (1972)

Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett) and Julie London (Nurse Dixie) on Emergency! 1972

“Sometimes it feels like I’m just playing a doctor on TV.”

Robert Fuller (Dr. Kelly Brackett) on Emergency! 1972

Brown, blue and black…with stripes.



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6 responses to “Seventies Gold

  1. duchess_mccain

    Yay Robert Fuller! One of the swankiest guys to grace television in the 60s and 70s. Personally I prefer the 60s, but the hair and clothes of the 70s is fun to watch.

    Another great post UglyBug. Thanks!

  2. Katelyn

    That looks almost identical to my grandma’s old living room. My grandpa was a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan, so almost everything they owned was either gold or green.

  3. jim`

    I’m been doing the same thing with _Mission Impossible_ on Netflix, though I’m only up to the end of 1969. One thing that’s struck me is how color TV influenced fashion and vice versa: the network wanted the shows to look “cool” on them newfangled color TVs, so they chose wild color schemes, then the fashion designers mimicked that and there was a wild flourish of colors for a few years. (think those crazy colors and patterns on _Laugh-In_!) I think this explains that peculiar shade of hideous orange, though how and why that bilous avacado green which was its helpmate for a few years had so far ecsaped my analysis.

  4. Groan! My father also loved that hideous avocado green. Orange and avocado are still my least favorite colors. Well, I don’t mind the colors on the actual fruit, just not anywhere else.

  5. jim`

    That hideous avocado green that’s like the background of this web-page?

    All you need are some “Harvest Gold” stripes and it would be perfect! Funny we should notice the same things…

    I can’t find it now, but I once came across *vintage* gay porn website and every so often he’d tag a photo with “tacky decor”. Once he’d amassed enough of them you could practically die laughing at some of the 60’s and 70’s styles. Too damn funny! You want I should try and find the link?

    • Hey, don’t make me start looking for another blog template! This green doesn’t look too avocado on my computer screen.

      Send me the link privately if you find it. Let’s keep the blog family-friendly!

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